CenCore’s Construction Security Program (CSP) is designed to provide entry-level to experienced tradesmen a security clearance in 7-9 months, intelligence community specific construction security training to support IC-specific construction standards , and be crossfunctionally trained to work as a security escort, access control specialist, construction security technician, cable puller, or hardware technician supporting CenCore’s commercial customer base. As one of the largest direct providers of construction security to the IC, CenCore developed the CSP as a means to formalize an ad hoc training process to deliver competent, credible high-performance construction security professionals who capably ensure the delivery of IC Standard (ICS) Special Access Program Facilities (SAPFs)] throughout the construction, accreditation, and inspection process.


CenCore selects the best available candidates from a national pool of students and tradesmen from 43 major colleges, universities, community colleges, technical schools, professional organizations, and labor unions. These individuals go through a series of interviews to assess each candidate’s areas of interest, aptitude, and fit for the program. Once selected, candidates immediately begin the process of filling out their security clearance paperwork, with the objective of being cleared to Top Secret with polygraph in 6-8 months.

Intelligence Community Construction Experience

Upon receiving their clearances, CSP candidates spend the next 6-8 months supporting the IC’s access control and construction security requirements on . They are also provided on-the-job and off-site training on the organizational structure of the intelligence community, its mission sets, and professional development courses focused on how to become effective entry/ developmental construction security specialists and installation technicians.

Construction Security and Technician Training

While waiting for their clearance to process, as well as during their required work providing access control, CSP candidates are also given access to CenCore’s online CSP Training Course. The CSP Training Course is a six-week virtual-instructor and self-led course that provides its students the necessary skills and capabilities to perform a myriad of construction related functions from Security Escort to Access Control to Construction Security Technician. In addition, they are provided additional training as wire pullers and entry-level hardware installers to allow them to be fully cross-functional. Upon completion of this course, CSP candidates recognize and can implement ICS and DOD guidance for the construction, accreditation, and inspection of SAPFs under the guidance of a Site Security Manager or Site Security Coordinator. Over the ensuing two years, CenCore’s construction security professionals progress through additional on-thejob training and virtual/in-person instructor led courses to ensure best practices and industry knowledge are communicated and implemented across the enterprise and a professional-trained, cross-functional workforce capably enables their partners to implement compliant ICD 705/706 standards.

Benefits to CenCore Partners

CenCore embeds with their clients as true mission partners, working to find creative solutions to persisting and emerging problems. For example, CenCore maintains a cadre of cross-trained personnel, allowing the same individual to be a security escort one day, a TEMPEST-certified wire puller the next, and a Construction Security Technician on any given afternoon. This allows CenCore personnel to capably respond to ever changing construction timelines and requirements, ensuring timely completion of critical facilities. Given a clear understanding of a customer’s construction security challenges, CenCore will tailor-make a solution, leveraging off of its 600+ construction security professionals, established training programs, and robust and pro-active program management.